Whole House Inspections...that's what we do.

At Benchmark Inspections, we don't wear a lot of different hats.  Many inspectors out there will trade hats during the inspection to become this kind of "specialist", or that kind of "specialist".  We don't...we're just the best home inspector you'll find.

You trust us to provide you the best, most comprehensive, unique, and quality house inspection your hard-earned money can buy. So, when you want a pest inspection, you deserve to have the best pest experts working for you. That's why we work with Termishield for your pest inspections. Termishield knows pests...that's what they do.

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We want the kids to sleep well at night, too!!

 As much as we want to help ease any fears you may have about your new home,

we want your children to be able to sleep easy at night, too!

If you have little ones, please let us know before your inspection, and we'll bring them each a

Guaranteed Monster Free Certificate!

Introducing Aerial Roof Inspections!

We see things no other area inspection company can! 

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Why Have a House Inspected?

Smart Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Professionals ask for a professional independent home inspection. Why?  Learn more...

How to Prepare for an Inspection

No home is perfect. Anything from major damage to minor maintenance issues are often found. Even new homes are not immune. Learn more...

Why Seller's should consider a                   Pre-Listing Consultation

For homeowners, it’s important to be aware of any issues your home may have prior to putting it on the market. Getting a pre-listing consultation will ensure that you’re aware of any problems, and you can then take care of them on your terms.   Learn more...


Whole House Inspections

No hidden up-charges or add-ons! 

$350 up to 2500sf

($100 additional per 1000sf)

Pre-Listing Consultations

1 hr consultation $200 up to 3000sf

Termishield Pest Inspection


($65 outside St. Joseph County, IN)

Commercial Building Inspections

Phase 1 Environmental / Thermal Imaging

Aerial Roof Inspection 

Services Available

Payment in full for any inspection is due prior to the start of the inspection.

Why Choose Benchmark Inspections?

Choose wisely! Not all inspection companies are the same; With Benchmark Inspections, you can gain peace of mind about your investment.  Learn more...