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Why Have a Pre-Listing Consultation?

For homeowners, it’s important to be aware of any issues your home may have prior to putting it on the market. A pre-listing home consultation will ensure that you’re aware of any problems and can take care of them on your terms – or present them as-is and adjust your selling price proportionally.  The alternative sometimes leaves you open to costly surprises and delays, and even potential deal-breakers once you’ve entered negotiations with the buyer.

A thorough pre-listing consultation before the home is placed on the market:

1. Identifies repair issues ahead of time allowing early resolution of those items.
2. Eliminates last minute repairs that could delay closing.
3. Decreases the possibility of unknowns or those "little surprises" and sometimes "big ones" causing a sale to fall through or be delayed.
4. Gives the seller more control over the selling process.
5. Makes your home more marketable and attractive to buyers.
6. With a pre-listing consultation, potential buyers will know you are a sincere and committed seller.
7. Eliminates issues that a buyer's independent inspection will reveal.
8. Allows you to address problems head on and get them resolved ahead of time.
9. Allows you to retain more control over the selling price.
10. Once negotiation has started, it is more difficult to resolve these issues without re-negotiating the price. 

11. Allows the seller to minimize the number of surprises.

Many items identified during a home inspection have simple solutions which most homeowners can resolve themselves. Identifying and correcting these items before the sale keeps the seller in the driver's seat!

Why Have a House Inspected?

Smart buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals ask for a professional, independent home inspection. Why?

An Inspection Protects the Buyer

  • Relieves your fears with an impartial report by an experienced inspector.
  • Gives you peace of mind because you can make an informed buying decision.
  • Provides full disclosure with Benchmark Inspections guidelines and a thorough computerized report.

A Pre-Listing Consultation Advises the Seller

  • Increases home's marketability with an impartial pre-sale consultation.
  • Identifies problems early so you can avoid last-minute repairs.
  • Helps you set a realistic price that reflects the special feature of your home.
  • Eliminates last-minute delays because the seller is well-informed and addresses potential problems early.

Assists Real Estate Professionals

  • Facilitates the closing of the transaction.
  • Frees real estate professionals of unnecessary concerns over potential liability from failure to discover or disclose defects.
  • Accents the positive - Benchmark Inspections understands the importance of pointing out the good features of a property as well as any possible flaws, and in countless instances we are in position to "calm the buyers fears."

How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

No home is perfect. Anything from major damage to minor maintenance issues are often found. Even new homes are not immune – they could have problems with the plumbing, electrical system, heating and cooling system, or the roofing system just to name a few.

Before the inspector arrives, there are a few things you should know. There are no federal regulations governing inspectors.  The laws are going to differ state by state.  Therefore it’s important to interview your inspector or inspection company prior to hiring them.  Since each state is going to have their own standards of certification for inspectors – and some don’t even have any – credibility is a big issue in choosing the right inspector.  Ask what certifications your inspector holds and what associations he or she belongs to. Associations such as the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), have membership requirements that include minimum levels of experience and training as well as codes of ethics.  Ask your inspector and then visit the association’s website.

Once your inspector has arrived, it is recommended that you accompany him or her on the inspection of the property.  This is so you can become familiar with the home and its systems as well as exactly what repairs the inspector recommends and why.  You might also want to prepare a list of items that you’ve seen in the home that you feel are cause for concern as well as any questions you may have.  The inspection is a great time to find out where the home’s water and gas shutoffs are and where the fuse box is.

Here are some other suggestions for homeowners:


  • Make sure that all areas of the home are accessible, especially to the attic and crawl space. 
  • It’s also a good idea to trim any trees and shrubs that may make an inspection of the exterior of the property difficult.


  • The inspector may photograph your home for the inspection report, so clearing the clutter and moving vehicles from the front of the home will help the inspection go smoother.


  • Repair minor things like leaky faucets, missing door handles and trim.
  • A seasoned homeowner knows exactly what may need some "tlc" or minor repair around their house, but to a new homeowner, seeing things that need repair (even if it's not a big deal) can be frightening. No need to make a prospective buyer think twice just because you never got around to fixing a leaky faucet.

Why Choose Benchmark Inspections?

Choose wisely! Not all inspection companies are the same; With Benchmark Inspections, you can gain peace

of mind about your investment.

  • Buyer-Focused

We encourage the buyer to accompany us on our inspection. We will familiarize you with your new purchase while pointing out areas of concern. This way you will become more familiar with how your new home works than you could ever become on your own.

  • Exclusive Analysis Report

Our exclusive Home Inspection Analysis Report addresses over 300 items. In this easy to read, state of the art report, you'll have 16-20 pages outlining the condition of the home from our thorough examination.

  • Independent

You'll receive an independent evaluation of the physical condition of the property (we do not participate in any referral or construction activities). We promise to provide you with a fair, accurate and unbiased opinion about the condition of the home.

  • Rapid Service

We are happy to work with you to expedite your inspection. The inspection time usually varies, so allow two to three hours for our visit.